Story, that account of life and living, of beginning and end and everything in-between, is deeply engrained in our genes and Berenice is one of us. She has a story to tell. She lives a life, continues to do so and continues to inspire.

The consequence of dilligent reporting, Berenice Adams' experiences in the heart of, what Don Pinnock described as Gang Town, was captured in a thoughtful account by Cape Town reporter, Jane Folodi.

'Not for the faint hearted', Jane cautioned, Berenice's voice, against the backdrop of the 'different worlds within Cape Town' and its 'gritty reality', is a clear, and often times bone-chilling and piercing account of a tragic event in 2014.

Berenice was part of a panel at an international summit in Cape Town end of 2016 where, together with her fellow young filmmakers, she talked authentically about life in her community.

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