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My name is Angelique Lang; I'm a learner at Westbury Secondary School in Grade 12. Today I'm writing this letter to inform you about my interest in media as a whole.

Media has always been my passion and still is. I love being behind the camera recording. I have experience of recording and I enjoy each and every moment of it. I have gained experience in church where I record thesermons on some Sunday. Whenever I get a chance to record, to be behind or in front of a camera I grab it with both hands since opportunities as this only comes once in a while. I wish to study media when I'm done with my school career.If I could be part of the program it would be an awesome experience since I'm interested in Drama and Media.

I have been in front of a camera acting as well. I acted in a play called the "Moholo Family" where I was the main character and many more plays in churches and will be acting again in October in a play called "House of prayer" which I wrote with the help of my elder sister. I feel that drama/media is my life. It is the only thing that I'm positive about and that's a definite career path that I really want to follow and will follow.

When I heard about the program at school I knew that this is a chance for me to stand out amongst the crowd and be the best I could possibly be. When it comes to my dreams I would love to accomplish being a film producer, actress, script writer and a professional camera lady, that's basically the fields of media that I as a learner would like to go into and experiment.That's the reason I would like to grab this amazing experience that you offering and make the best out of it. I really think that from the program I would learn much more as I really want to know the in's and the out's about cameras and acting.

In closing I would like to thank you for taking your time to read the letter. Regards, Angelique Lang

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